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Beginner Little Hero Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In August

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Your child will get a kick out of the Little HERO's martial arts program for kids at HERO Martial Arts Academy! Our team of black belt masters got together to create the most effective Kids Martial Arts program for four to six year olds!

When your child takes the Little HERO classes at HERO Martial Arts, they'll get a great introduction to the martial arts as they get to learn from the best instructors around! Our team of professional Kids instructors go out of their way to make each and every class fun and rewarding.


Our Little HERO program is specifically designed for kids age 4-6. In this class we work on the building blocks of martial arts. Kids have fun learning valuable techniques that are often disguised as play so that we keep the interest of our young students. Parents love this class because it's one of the few activities a child can do at this age that has so much structure. Everyone at HERO Martial Arts Academy is a family and our parents and children know each other from other sporting activities and school. 

The Little HERO program at HERO Martial Arts Academy will get your child moving with fun martial arts exercises that kids love—from chopping, blocking, and kicking. And as your child is enjoying a lifetime of fun with each class, the benefits of the martial arts will begin to take hold. Just take a look:

  • We'll teach your child the basics of martial arts in a fun and comfortable setting
  • Your child will develop strong concentration skills that will help in school
  • Your child will learn life skills that will teach them how to handle tough situations and stranger danger
  • Your child's behavior will improve as we'll help release pent-up energy
  • Your child's self-respect and self-confidence will skyrocket


With new Little HERO classes starting this month, there's no reason to wait.

To learn more, just complete the short form on this page. We'll give you all the information you need to get your child started in the fun and rewarding HERO Martial Arts Academy Kids Martial Arts classes.

Our Little HERO Martial Arts Classes Are Located In

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