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Hero is more than a martial arts school. Their classes provide personal support, exercise, self defense, motivation, excitement, goal setting and self confidence in a family atmosphere for adults and children.  They are dedicated to helping the community and local schools. Their heart is truly in their business and it shows. Love this place. It changed my life for the better. 

Jody Coryell

Jody Coryell


My son loves his instructors (Miss Faith and Mr. Jason) they are wonderful with children and really teach the children true martial arts discipline. I am honored and humbled every time we step in the door at the happiness and drive being instilled in and displayed by my 6 year old. 

Martin Cobb

Martin Cobb


HERO Martial Arts is really one of a kind martial arts school!  The owner and head instructor Josh Arcemont is truly dedicated to arts and it shows in hi spassion when he teaches his students or does school talks in the community! The instructor staff is a staff that has been together for a long time, which usually tells you that the program the school offers is a successful program not only with the students, but with the staff as well! I highly recommend this school!

Alex Segura

Alex Segura


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