HERO Virtual Starter Course

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HERO Martial Arts Academy Virtual Starter Course in Spring, Texas

😱Stuck inside with the Kids?! 😱 We've got you covered. Join our Award Winning Kids Martial Arts Classes...ONLINE!

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Our LIVE Online Classes offer:
📲Dynamic Stretching
📲Fun Cardio Challenges
📲Self Defense Training
📲Mat Chats

And it's All Accessible Online

Our Virtual Starter Course includes:
- 1 Month of Virtual semi Private lessons
- HERO Uniform (delivered or picked up)
- Starter Packet / Handbook (available on our App)

Fortnite & Netflix are only going to last so long - make sure your child is still getting their:
✔️Creating Friendships
✔️Being guided by Mentors
✔️Receives Structure

This is an unprecedented time in our world - let's keep as much normalcy as possible for our children.

HERO Starter Course video

Watch our video tutorial of our Starter Course.